Volunteer in Ecuador
Volunteer Work in Ecuador
"You can't just see it, you have to live it."

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What volunteers say

"Coming to Ecuador during Winter Break was definitely worth it! I mean, its on the equator so escaping the freezing cold temps of the northern US was perfect. I was able to offer my time volunteering for a few weeks and on top of that, I even got to travel to a bunch of different places like the Galapagos and the Amazon. I had some pretty good bragging rights and stories to tell about my experience compared to friends who just went to the beach to party!"
Bonnie C. Bunton - Richardson, TX
animal shelter

Recommended program for the season: Amazon Animal Sanctuary

This is a unique opportunity to actively work in an animal rehabilitation and release program and to work with and help a Quichuan community of the Amazon. Volunteers will also be working alongside and contributing to the indigenous community. There may also be opportunities to assist the children with school and other activities or help the families plant new crops. A proportion of volunteer fees are also put directly back into this community.

The number of volunteer programs in Ecuador dedicated to animals is extremely small, since most projects involve social activities. This opportunity is unique as you will be living in a communal area and your help will be invaluable. It is important that you are physically fit, enthusiastic and have a great love for animals.

Time:  1 week minimum

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