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"You can't just see it, you have to live it."

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Simón Bolívar Volunteer Staff

Kjetil Haugan is the owner of the Simón Bolívar Spanish School. He is a Norwegian citizen who has lived in Ecuador since 1994. Kjetil has a Graduate degree in Organization Development from England and an undergraduate degree in Management from Norway. Kjetil worked as the director of the Olympic Villages during the Lillehammer (Norway) 1994 and the Atlanta (USA) 1996 Olympic Games. He speaks Spanish, English and the Scandinavian languages. 

Monika is the manager of the Volunteer Foundation. She is orginally from Colombia, but she has lived many years here in Ecuador. Monika has studied Hotel Administration and Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at Catholic University. Monika constantly visits all the volunteer projects within the foundation and is always looking for new ideas and projects. Monika also interviews the students when they arrive and explains everything they need to know about volunteering here in Ecuador. Not only does Monika have an excellent relationship with host families that volunteers may live with, but also with the managers of all the volunteer projects in order to create a secure network for the development of the volunteers during their stay in Ecuador.

Jessica holds a degree in Tourism and also a degree as a Ecuador National Guide from the Universidad del Azuay. She lived in the United States for several years and speaks English fluently. Currently, Jessica coordinates all the activities for our volunteers in Cuenca. She organizes the accommodation of our volunteers and is responsible for the orientation of volunteer projects and oversees all existing programs. Jessica is always on hand to provide support and offer advice to volunteers.

Soledad known as “Sol” has studied Linguistics at Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. She used to be a Spanish and English teacher before working as a volunteer coordinator. Her main activities are: assisting volunteers before their arrival with their accommodation and during their stay she helps them solving unexpected inconvenients that could appear; she monitors them at their projects; and coordinates some project issues. She is friendly and loves what she does; she is always willing to help volunteers.

German has a Teacher’s Degree in both Spanish and English languages. He has twelve years of experience as a Spanish teacher in Ecuador, as well as in Germany. He lived in Germany for about eight years and speaks German fluently. German provides support in the following areas of our Spanish classes: orientation, inductions, monitoring and general information for the volunteers. When volunteers want to stay longer than their 90 day Visa, German helps the volunteers with all the procedures in order to extend their Visas. He is also a specialist in giving great advice on different tours and trips throughout Ecuador when the students would like to travel.

Jorge has a degree in Tourism and English, and in addition, a License as National Guide. He has been working at Simon Bolivar for 10 years, three of them at Simon Bolivar Spanish School and 7 year at Fundacion Bolivar Education. Nowadays he is not teaching Spanish anymore, but is in charge of organizing the volunteer programs pre and post arrival and loves to travel and making photos. He also gives volunteers general support in site and is in charge of organizing Groups and Individual Programs.

Irma holds a degree in Cultural Historical Tourism and teaching spanish as a second  language. Irma answers any e-mail received by the foundation and provides all the information needed if you contact us through the web page www.ecuadorvolunteers.org. She also coordinates volunteer placement and accommodations for  volunteers and will give all  the support needed before and during any volunteer program in Ecuador.