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"You can't just see it, you have to live it."

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About Us

The Simón Bolívar Volunteer Program was founded by the Simon Bolivar Spanish School due to the increasing interest over the years. For more than ten years the school helped students find volunteer work in Ecuador. That is how in 2004 we started the Simón Bolívar Volunteer Program to individuals inside and outside of the school as well. Our programs encourage cultural exchange that allows us to discover that regardless of race, ideology or nationality, our common traits as human beings are more than our differences. We think that volunteering is an experience capable of turning us into true citizens of the world.

The Foundation "Bolivar Education" is a private, non-profit organization that is not associated with any political or religious activities and was created in January 2008 with the objective of channeling more efficiently our volunteers' work through several organizations. By doing so, we create a bridge between our volunteers and the organizations; volunteers benefit from the experience acquired through the projects and the organizations benefit from the time, love, and energy volunteers offer for free. In this way, volunteering becomes a wonderful experience for both parties.

We offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities in different fields such us: children and youth, elderly, gender, teaching, health, environment, animal welfare, and development.

It's a pleasure for us to welcome you to our website, and we hope you will enjoy your visit!

Our Contribution

Monthy donations made by Fundación Bolivar Education (April, 2013):

• Hospitals and Health Centers US$600
• Day Cares in Quito US$355
• Environment Projects in the Andes US$440
• Amazon Wildlife US$489
• Environment Projects in Galapagos US$6215