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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

If there are questions of your own that need our answers, feel free to contact us filling our Application Form.

Table of Contents

1. How long do I need to participate?
You decide how long you wish to participate in the program. However some workplaces do have a minimum time, please check the information for each program. Back to top

2. Do I need to speak Spanish?
The overwhelming majority of Ecuadorians speak only Spanish. Therefore, in order for you to work as a volunteer you need to be able to speak Spanish as well. We offer Spanish lessons at Simon Bolivar Spanish School. If you are a new beginner we urge you to study six weeks before you start your volunteer period. Back to top

3. Where will I live during my stay?
It’s up to you where you want to live. We can offer high standard families to lower standard families, hotels, hostels or departments. Back to top

4. When do I need to start?
You decide when to start the program. If you don’t speak any Spanish you do need to take some Spanish classes before starting your volunteering period. Back to top

5. Why do I have to pay to volunteer?
For many it may seem strange to have to pay in order to work for free. However it is necessary to charge a small amount in order to defray cots of the workplaces and the families where the volunteers live. We are aware of the fact that many volunteers do not have a lot of money and we therefore always work to offer you the minimum price. The work of Fundacion Bolivar Education is NON-PROFIT and we therefore only charge for administrative costs. Back to top

6. Do I need any experience or education to participate?
To participate in the Fundacion Bolivar Education Volunteer Program you don't need to have an education or any organizational experience, that's what makes us different from many other voluntary programs. Previous experience is perfectly o.k. of course. Back to top

7. Do I need to work alone?
At some of the projects you work alone at others not. Please see the description of each program to find one that fits you best. Back to top

8. None of the projects fits my desires, can I still participate at your volunteer program?
Of course! If you have a specific desire of where to work we will contact the desired organization. We cannot give any guarantees though. We will also give you suggestions of other organizations that complete your desires.
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