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Deaf and Blind Children care and teaching in Quito

Deaf & Blind Children Care and Teaching

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Deaf and Blind Children care and teaching - Teaching Volunteering in Quito

About the Institution

This project has been working with and helping the community since 1953 and has about 10 years of experience with foreign volunteers. This school focuses its main objectives in the teaching field for those children who have special skills. Many people think of these children as disabled, but they can actually do many other things that we cannot. The school likes to see them as special skills and not disabilities.

This is a school for children with the same wish of learning, despite their differences in visual and hearing skills. Some teachers are in the same situation and are able to teach the children how to face society.



Description of the Work

  • Working with children in primary school
  • Teaching several subjects
  • Helping children with their homework
  • Give reading and counting classes
  • Organizing the recreational time

Volunteers are able to organize recreational activities, go with them to the museum, zoo, or swimming pool. Volunteers can also create didactical material for the teachers, translate transcripts to Braille, etc. If the volunteer boards in the institution, they can help to supervise the overall cleaning of the boarding school.

Keep in Mind

It is important to boost and enhance the children's confidence from the people around them, if you have any particular skill that you want to share with them; you are welcome to do it. Remember many children come from poor situations and families facing economical and may also have emotional problems and they need to feel loved and cared for.

Time: Minimum 3 months. It is ok if you volunteer for at least a 2 month minimum if your Spanish is at a good enough level or if you may have particular skills that could proven useful.

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