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Deaf and Blind School Institute

Deaf and Blind School

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About the Institution

The Deaf and Blind School Institute was created in 1971 and since then, despite low economic resources, the institution has managed to help children with hearing and visual impairment. It works as a special school sponsored by the government and the main aim is giving their pupils a good education as well as helping them overcome their limitations.

There is an average number of 60 pupils attending the centre and 75% of them have hearing loss, the remaining 25% belongs to visual impairment. The ages vary from 7 to 16 depending what year of school they are in. The main obstacle the center faces is lack of help by the government; therefore the staff has to make best of the use of available resources to help students reach their goals.

Deaf and Blind School Institute is located near the state Hospital "Vicente Corral Moscoso" and "paraiso" park.

Description of the Work

You will have the opportunity to help the teachers in classes, as well as in therapy with the younger children. Depending on your knowledge you may even start a course on your own with new activities the children need. English classes or art would be great to help them reach a better level of education. Other activities include recreational activities and helping to organize fun activities for the children

Keep in Mind

To work at the Deaf and Blind School Institute it is necessary to have some knowledge in the field of special education, knowing how to communicate with sign language or using the Braille system would be handy. There is no need to be an expert, but a little knowledge would make the job even more interesting.

Time: Minimum 1 month

Regular Time Schedule: The institution works from 8AM to 1PM.

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