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Teaching English to the Achuar Community

Teaching English to the Achuar

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Teaching English to the Achuar Community - Teaching Volunteering in the Amazon

About the Institution

This project is one of the most remote, ecologically responsible, and culturally sensitive places in the world. It is located in one of the most remote and well protected parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Deep in the nearly two million acres of the Achuar people's territory, the Achuar are organized in a federation organization called NAE (Achuar Nationality of Ecuador), which is composed of 64 communities that represent approximately 6,000 of the Achuar who live in the territory of the Pastaza River basin. This is located in the Ecuadorian provinces of Pastaza and Morona Santiago. There are also Achuar people living on the Peruvian side of their territory, but they have their own organization to represent them. It is accessible only by air, flying in small planes over an unbroken green expanse of rainforest.

This project receives all its help to develop their community from an award winning Ecolodge noted for its ecological design and sensitivity surrounded by its abundance of wildlife and rich biodiversity. The main aim of this project is to help all the people in the community so that they can run this ecolodge on their own.

Program Objetives

  • Provide a benefcial English education to the Achuar students, which will allow them to insert themselves into positions in the field of eco-tourism.
  • Contribute to the self-sufficiency of the community, providing them with the important tool of English and thus avoiding the need to look for personnel outside of the Achuar population to aid in the field of eco-tourism.
  • Create a program designed specifically for the needs of the Achuar community in terms of content and teaching methods.
  • Create a constant and stable supply of well-prepared volunteer teachers and a process of continuous evaluation with the aim of facilitating expansion and the future sustainability of the program.
  • Educate the Achuar teachers in English in order to involve them in the project and to allow them to later become English teachers themselves at a basic level.

Volunteers Teacher Requirements

  • Volunteers will be native English speakers with preference given to those with teaching qualifications and or experience.
  • Volunteers should at least have a basic command of Spanish.
  • Volunteers should be prepared to spend time in a remote environment that is more testing in many ways than the city.
  • Volunteers must be willing to commit to a cycle of at least 3,6, or 12 months in the jungle.
  • To aid continuously, volunteers who are looking to teach for longer periods (6-12 months) will be given preference to cycles of time in the jungle.

Keep in Mind

This project is located deep in the jungle and may sometimes be hard for a volunteer to become accustomed to the surroundings. If you are seriously interested in being part of this great project, it is not possible to change your mind once entering the program, unless there is an emergency of course.

Time: 3 months minimum

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