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Horse and Dog's therapy in Quito

Horse and Dog Therapy

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Horse and Dog's therapy - Health Volunteering in Quito

About the Institution

This project was created in 1995 with the main objective to offer rehabilitation and integrate recreational programs through therapies with horses for children, youth, and adults with mental or physical disabilities.

Riding therapy or equine-assited therapy and canine-assisted therapy with dogs is recongnized worlwide as an effective method for physical, mental and/or emotional rehabilitation. It transmits to the patient a sense of balance, coordination, orientation and rhythm. The movement of the back of the horse is used therapeutically.

Equine-assisted therapy uses horses as therapeutic instruments and prepares the patient for other physiotherapeutic functions, but offers huge psycological benefits.


Description of the Work

To manage the horses during therapy sessions 3 or 4 people are necessary. Volunteers are more than welcome to help with feeding of the horses, preparing them for each therapy session, general tasks during the therapy, and cleaning the horses after the sessions. In addition, the volunteer can also help in the horse-back riding lessons for general public and in the administrative area, as well as garden maintenance.

In addition, in the afternoons you can also be part of the canine-assisted therapies.

Time: A minimum stay of 1 month.

Regular Time Schedule: The volunteer needs to complete at least 20 hours per week.

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