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Center for women struggling with domestic violence in Quito

Women Struggling with Domestic Violence

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Women struggling with domestic violence - Gender Volunteering in Quito

About the Institution

This project is a refugee for women and their children suffering from domestic violence.

The refugee offers board and lodging for the women and their children, medical attention and psychological attention. There are also workshops concerning domestic violence, self-esteem, family relationship, sexuality, working in groups, etc.

The main purpose is to contribute a process of change regarding violent relationships between men and women and their family, involving children and youth. In this way they can generate a process of empowerment of human rights and respect between family members.



Description of the Work

In general, the type of work depends on your studies, experience, interests, etc. Usually activities involve:

  • Working with the children at the refugee together with the psychology therapis. You can bring didactic material if you would like.
  • Administrative work may need to be done such as assisting the social workers or finding fund sources.
  • Attention towards the women if you have related education in domestic violence.

Keep in Mind

You are working with very vulnerable women and children. It is very important to be serious and dedicated to your work.

What You Will Receive

  • A first meeting where you will receive all the information you need
  • Weekly meetings to work on different cases and activities
  • A certificate at the end of your volunteer period
  • Snacks during the day

Time: Minimum 4 months

Regular Time Schedule: You are able to make a personal time schedule together with the workplace.

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