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Organic Agriculture in the Andes

Organic Agriculture in the Andes

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Organic Agriculture - Environment Volunteering in the Andes

About the Institution

This project is run by a non- profit Organization established in 1953 that initiated its work in various parts of rural Ecuador.

It is an institution that works on rural development projects, aimed at the strengthening of human ability, management of productive resources and environmental conservation. All these projects are orientated toward production improvement with an important agroecological focus, the protection of micro valleys and forests, and environmental education.

Within its work plan, this project promotes the participation of the campesino communities and the local population in processes of building and strengthening their identities.



Description of the Work

Educational Days: In a one day educational program at the hacienda visitors will participate in a variety of activities, so that a broad overview of the work is experienced. The general formula for the day will be:

  • Day 1: Arrive in the morning, have an explanatory reconnaissance of the hacienda, followed by practical organic agriculture activities. The visitors will be able to work with the animals and participate in reforestation activities. Includes lunch, dinner and breakfast the following day.

    *Visitors leave after breakfast.

Organic Agriculture Program Training Center: You will learn about organic farming, agro-forestry, animal management (cows, llamas, bees, guinea pigs and others), and the conservation of native forests. You will learn about each subject through daily practical experience and conversations with the staff.

Cultural Exchange Program: The program starts with a week long organic agriculture program. The additional time is spent living and working with a host family in one of the three rural areas where the foundation has managed development projects. Volunteers will experience daily life in these rural communities working alongside their host family in a variety of activities.

Teaching Program: In one of the rural communities or at the Hacienda the participant can stay at the Hacienda or with a host family and work in the schools either assisting or teaching children of ages 4-11 years. During the program, volunteers will live with a family in the community of the school and participate in the daily activities of the family while not in school.

Keep in Mind

The work can be quite physically demanding at times, but always enjoyable, as the campesinos are extremely friendly and relaxed. Therefore, it is better if you are in good physical health, but far more important is your commitment and enthusiasm to do a good job. You will gain more from the program and the community will benefit more from your efforts.

Time: One week or more

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