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Organic Farm in the Coast

Organic Farm on the Coast

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Organic Farm - Environment Volunteering in the Coast

About the Institution

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The Organic Farm was created in 1994. It is located in a valley, mid-coast of Ecuador. The area was once a dense rain forest and has been largely cleared for cattle farming and cropping. The farming practices were generally conventional, but the Rio Muchacho organic farm began to convert these practices in non-polluting productive systems, also hoping to reproduce the techniques in other farms.

The farm has an important role in demonstrating alternatives like biogas, solar power, composting systems, worm culture, water recycling, reforestation, permaculture, organic farming techniques and environmental tourism. People at the farm consume mostly what they produce. Rio Muchacho organic farm is privately owned by an Ecuadorian/New Zealand couple who are strongly committed to environmental and community work in this area and the city of Bahia.

Description of the Work

Volunteers in this project participate in general activities related to agriculture such as sowing seeds, pricking, planting, weeding, pruning, creation and maintenance of gardens, composting, harvesting, pest control, recycling organic waste, simple constructions, and feeding and caring for the animals, among many others.

  • 8:00 to 12:00 - Everyone works in an agricultural project.
  • 1:30 to 4:00 - Volunteers will work in individual projects depending on your skills and the necessities of the farm.

Two days are given free each week: Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and the other half day is a cultural afternoon, where the volunteers may go out fishing shrimp or learn how to carve mate, make coffee, chocolate, palm seed rings, etc.

Keep in Mind

You must be willing to have a very simple and ecologically-based life while living at the farm. There is also a meditation garden that is planted with a large variety of plants and has a beautiful view of a nearby river.

Time: 1 Month Minimum - Flexibility is possible.

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