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Fundacion A.B.C.working with elders in Quito

Fundacion A.B.C.

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Fundacion A.B.C.working with elders - Elderly Volunteering in Quito

About the Institution

Fundaci?n Abuelitos de la Calle (FABC) was founded in 2001. Its main goal is to promote, support and realize efficient attention to the elderly. The foundation realizes concrete actions that can promote the importance of an active, worthy, healthy, participative and productive old age.

In Ecuador, the great number of elderly is evident in the streets where you can see many are beggars or in a very poor economical situation. There are more than a million elderly people in Ecuador that live without social help and now suffer from abandonment of their families and society in general.

FABC creates a space for them and offers services within many areas such as: physical, personal growth, recreation and occupational therapies, medical attention, education and qualification workshops among others that enable the elderly to greatly improve their quality of life.

Description of the Work

You will be able to assist in all the activities planned by the foundation. It all depends on your experience, effort, interests and the capacity of giving your love and attention to the elderly. In general, the day starts with some exercise and a short human development workshop before sharing breakfast. Then the activities start. For example, dancing, theater, narrative, chorus lessons and activities in the bakery and handcraft workshops. At the end of the activities, they share lunch together. There is an average of about 100 elderly per day that attends the foundation, so your help will be appreciated in anyway.

What You Will Receive

  • Welcome meeting
  • Presentation of the facilities and the people that work at the foundation
  • The opportunity to learn about professional elderly care
  • Share trips, events and parties with the elderly
  • Certificate at the end of your stay

Time: Minimum 1 month

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