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Live and help Indigenous families in Cotacachi

Helping Indigenous Families

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Live and help Indigenous families - Development Volunteering in Cotacachi

About the Program

This project was created in 1977. Its main goal is to improve the quality of life of the 43 indigenous communities it represents. It also hopes to contribute to the construction of a fair, more equal intercultural society, reduce poverty levels, empower people in self-management, expand the democratic participation of the communities and strengthen their ancestral wisdom and social organization.

This organization together with the indigenous communities, founded the community service agency called Runa Tupari (which means "meeting the Indians") in 2001, in order to develop authentic and sustainable rural community tourism and also help offer volunteers the opportunity to have a unique experience with a point of view different from any other.

The volunteer, while working, will be able to experience direct contact with nature, share daily life with the local people and have the opportunity to learn many things from them.


Volunteers can help in many projects depending on their field of experience and interests. Some main areas are:

  • Office work at Runa Tupari (Tour Sales or Administrative Work)
  • Apiculture
  • Hydro-technical Projects
  • Environmental Education
  • Production and Sales of Traditional Products like Marmalades or Jam
  • Diverse Activities In Organic Farms
  • Support Teachers at the Community Schools
  • Handicraft Design and Production

Keep In Mind

This is the perfect place for you if you are interested in learning about indigenous families, their daily life, habits, customs and the culture in general.

Time: Depends on the type of project you will be involved in. Usually between 1 and 6 months minimum.

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