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Day care center in the South of Quito

Day Care Center - South of Quito

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Children Volunteering in the South of Quito

About the Center

Foundation T.N. was founded in 1970 and originally began offering medical and day care center services in the northern part of Quito.

Now, located in the South, most necessities of people with lower economical resources are located towards the south of the city. The original founder of the center responded to their urgent necessities and now today, the foundation has been open for 32 years and has become one of the most respected organizations in Quito.

Its mission is to offer integrated and innovative services, as well as permanent projects to the more vulnerable sectors of the city and for the general population to enhance their quality of life.



Description of the Work

The foundation has 2 childrens centers ranging from infant to 5 years of age. Each center has a capactiy to offer services to 170 chilren. Volunteers can assist the workers in diverse tasks at the centers such as: early childhood stimulation, pre-scholar preparation, aid in school work, teaching fun games and songs, helping to teach skills in hygiene and implementing good nutritional habits. In addition, the afternoons at the centers receive older youth in order to give them lunch and help them with their homework.

Keep In Mind

This is a type of volunteer work where you are going to work with children and youth who are very vulnerable and who make strong bonds, becoming closely attached with those close to them. They will miss you and feel sad if you do not show up and it is very important that you tell the children with anticipation when you will be leaving, mostly because of the strong bonds they make and the history they have.

Time: Minimum 2 Weeks

Regular Time Schedule: The centers are open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. The schedules can be made very flexible.

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