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Angel's Home Day care center in Quito

Angels Home Day Care Center

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Angel's Home - Children Volunteering in Quito

About the Center

The center is part of a Catholic foundation that promotes solidarity with the community. At the moment they give attention to children with special needs especially those facing brain paralysis.

There are many families in Quito and Ecuador that do not have the possibility to afford special treatment for kids with brain paralysis.

The foundation is now a window of hope for the children as they receive the correct nutrition they need, appropriate attention such as numerous types of therapies and also a new hope for the parents as they can work while the children attend the center.



Description of the Work

Volunteers are required to assist and accompany the children in therapies such as "dark room", or help feed and clean the children, as well as look after them.

Keep In Mind

Volunteers much be open minded and very patient when working with children with special needs. The most important requirement is to be willing to help. If interested, the center is also looking for language therapists and psychologists.

Time: Minimum 1 month.

Regular Time Schedule: Volunteers are expected to work 4 hours per day, from Monday to Friday.

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