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Wild Animals Shelter in Cuenca

Wild Animal Shelter

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Wild Animals Shelter - Animal Welfare Volunteering in Cuenca

About the Shelter

The Wild Animal Shelter is an institution located about 30 to 45 minutes from Cuenca. Here they host a large variety of animals, some victims of illegal trade and others born with birth defects, or simply animals that have been born inside the shelter. It began as an ostrich farm but as time passed it became more difficult to maintain the ostrich business. So instead, the owner started to make a hobby out of it, not only having ostriches, which are now only a few, but also taking in many species. To name a few there are deer, turtles, monkeys, fish and a huge variety of birds, including native species to the area and many more. The number of animals in the shelter has grown to about 300, so there is always something to do!

Once the Ministry of Environment heard about the owner and this special shelter for animals of all breeds and species, they came to inspect the center. Initially they thought the facilities available were not going to be in sufficient condition to help the animals. On the contrary, they congratulated the owner for his amazing task and how much he has helped in providing such a great quality of life for all the amazing species.

Description Of The Work

The work at the Wild Animal Shelter basically involves cleaning and feeding the animals, as well as the places in which they live. Volunteers have the freedom to use their imagination to enhance the quality of life of the animals in almost anyway they think would help. For example, if there are paths needed or if cages need a better, more natural look volunteers are more than welcome to take on these tasks themselves. Volunteers may even leave the shelter to go out and purchase the food the animals need which can provide more unique experiences. It all depends on the volunteers initiative and the will to make a difference. For any activity that requires special materials or tools, the owner has committed to provide them.

Keep In Mind

The number of volunteer programs in Ecuador dedicated to animals is extremely small, since most projects involve social activities. This opportunity is unique and your help will be invaluable. It is important that you are physically fit, enthusiastic and have a great love for animals and others as the atmosphere is bulit within a strong and close community.


Time: Minimum 2 weeks

Regular Schedule: The work schedule is very flexible, the minimum time to work every day is 5 hours.

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