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"You can't just see it, you have to live it."

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Ecuador is a paradise in tourism and has a large number of visitors each year. But, hidden behind the amount of visitors is a vast population of poor, underprivileged, unemployed, sickly, and crime related citizens who live among other harmful and lower class social issues.

The role of Fundaci?n Bolivar Education, owned by Columbus Travel Group, is to provide support not only as volunteers, but also economically for our 30 projects throughout Ecuador to better promote the development of communities and families for a better and brighter future.

Donations are Spent:

? Purchasing supplies for community projects
? Delivering training materials for our English programs and schools
? Helping to maintain infrastructures in our day-care centers
? Delivering drugs and materials to our public hospitals of Quito and Cuenca
? Purchasing food for our projects with special needs children and elderly
? Maintaining infrastructures of our projects with Animals in Ecuador?s four different regions
? Conducting special occasion celebrations like Children's Day, Christmas, New Year, and Carnival in most of our projects in Quito and Cuenca
? Tracking the money donated

If you would like to make a donation to support any of our projects you can send your donation through PayPal by clicking on the donate option below. The Foundation will be more than happy to provide all the corresponding details such as invoices, project and project execution.


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*Please note that Fundaci?n Bolivar Education is owned by Columbus Travel Group.