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Environmental Ecuadorian Foundation in the Andes

Working in the Cloud Forest

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Environment Volunteering in the Andes

About the Institution

This project is a biological reserve and station located in Ecuador in the Pichincha province, 90 km from Quito. The station works in natural conservation, combating deforestation, protecting existing forest, restoring degraded areas and searching for sustainable activities that enable us to support the reserve and to offer a better way of life for the local community as well as those who work and live at the reserve. It is open to receive volunteers, students, researchers, birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

This Biological Station is also striving to become a model of integrated farming where agricultural practices complement our primary objective of preserving the natural forest. Combining conservation and agriculture will enable us to sustain the reserve and promote economic activities that are environmentally friendly and beneficial for the local inhabitants.

Description of the Work

Your experience will not only help us achieve our goals and contribute to the conservation of the environment, you will also develop new skills and learn about organic agriculture, alternative animal production, bio-food production, forestry, sustainable wood production, eco-construction, and alternative energy.

Monday – learn about and make various products from elements of the reserve such as cheese, coffee, bread, and cleaning disinfectants

Tuesday – discussion on various topics associated with Ecuador and the cloud forest such as Common Plants of the Cloud Forest, Indigenous Groups, Ecuadorian Economy and Politics.

Wednesday – participate in a long-time tradition in the Station; a friendly game of football with the staff and other volunteers.

Every other Friday – an educational hike within the reserve.

Keep in Mind

This project will require you to be sure that you will have to leave behind many facilities like internet and be disconnected from all the traditional world in order to see what it actually good.

Time: Minimum 3 weeks

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